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A Messier Marathon is an astronomy observation session that last one night usually in March. Its goal is to locate as many as possible of the 110 objects in the Messier catalog but it can be practiced any time of the year,


This application’s goal is to help you  for the marathon or just to observe Messier  objects any night of the year by:


Providing you a list of the 110 objects that you can sort by magnitude, by Messier number ,  by altitude,  by constellation or by suggested observation order. You can also filter out those objects that are currently not visible and filter by objet type.


For each Messier object, you can obtain a photo, a description, a map and a plot of its movement during the night.


You can also specify for each object if you were able to observe it and give it a rating.


A general sky map shows you the location of all the Messier objects currently visible.


A planning tool allows you, for any night of the year, to find out how many Messier objects will be visible.    


Happy observations